Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Part 1: Puppies for Sale!

I love Halloween...I mean I really, Really love Halloween and I usually do all kinds of cool stuff for the kids.  But for some strange reason, this year, I just wasn't feelin' it. I have no idea why, but for some stupid reason I waited until the last minute to do everything. I didn't even muster up the strength to decorate, luckily Teenie loves decorating and being a big helper, because she did everything!

I guess one of the man reasons why I was just so blah about the whole thing is because number one it has been a horrible allergy season for me this year, and number two, because the kids kept changing their minds about what they wanted to be for Halloween.  That drives me nuts, because there is nothing worse than trying to make a costume at the last minute.  

Sonshine, as usually was pretty indifferent to the idea of dressing up, but still changed his mind about 800 times about what he wanted to be, just in case he did decide to dress up.  He ended up being a punk rocker.  Easy peasy I did his hair and gave him some of my clothes from my goth days.  Teenie on the other hand wanted to be something that required sparkle, ruffles and lots of sewing, fabric and my time.  She wanted to be a princess, but she couldn't decide which one.

Being that I have been feeling incredibly lazy and unmotivated, I decided on a shortcut.  So I scoured the local thrift stores looking for a cheap, hideous old prom dress or wedding dress to cut up and refashion, like I did last year's witch costume.  What I found was better than I could have ever hoped for. A light blue dress, sprinkled in rhinestones, with a matching wrap for $13.99!  It was an already lovely dress, but what I liked is that I saw it and immediately thought of Cinderella!  Teenie, having not been Cinderella yet, was so excited! And I was happy because I thought it would be an easy, quick costume.

As you may have noticed, the title of this post is Halloween Costume: Puppies for Sale!  Although I took the dress home and got started on it, the fabric proved difficult to work with, and the dress ended up taking longer than I thought it would.  We had plans to go to a Harvest Festival where the kids would trick or treat in costume and Teenie had NO COSTUME!!  So, there I was the morning of  the festival, I had to think fast and throw together something super fast.

Teenie had seen a picture in a magazine of a "puppies for sale" costume and had started making one herself, but she used the wrong kind of box and it was uncomfortable and her puppies kept falling off.  So I found a box, tied a bunch of stuffed animal dogs on her (she is obsessed with puppies and has tons of them) and strapped it to her.  Then I used a red elastic headband as a dog collar, and borrowed a tag from one of my dogs. I put her hair in pigtails and the hubby painted her face.  

Her costume was super easy and she got tons of compliments.  Not bad for a backup costume!