Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Part Deux: Cinderella Costume

After having to wear a box of puppies for the entire weekend, Teenie was ready to be a princess and demanded that I finish her dress. Sorry for the lack of tutorials, but as stated in my prior post I have been suffering from a serious case of lazy-assedness and I was in a super hurry to get this project done and over with.  Basically what I did was take a dress and cut out the middle of it, then stitched it up to fit Teenie. This was not an easy task, as the fabric that this dress was made out of was a pain in the ass to sew because it slid around like crazy on the machine.      

The second hand dress came with a matching sheer wrap so I cut it in half to use it to make the two poofs on the the sides, and a matching headband.

With the scraps I made straps, (me and Teenie agreed that the original dress's pouf sleeves were just way to lame and outdated) an insert for the back that laced up (to make it more modest)

Because it gets super cold on Halloween night I made a matching hooded cloak so she wouldn't have to cover up her dress with a big coat.

I used 2 yards of polar fleece, 3 yards of fun fur trim, and a yard of Disney Princess ribbon for the tie closure.  

The gloves are the same ones that she used for her Belle costume, the choker was a black ribbon that I sewed Velcro closures to. 
Her"glass" slippers were the silver one inch heels that she insisted that I buy her for Easter.
All in all I'd say her costume came out well, she loves it and I'm just happy that it's done.  And I did it all without getting blood, tears or wine stains on it.  Yay me!