Monday, May 13, 2013

What's Going On In My Neck Of The Woods....

 I have just realized that it's been a while since I have posted, the reason being...SPRING CLEANING!! I have decided to tackle the job of going through my craft bins and cleaning and organizing my craft/sewing area/dining area. I haven't seen the surface of my dining room table in about a month now because it's been covered in projects. I finally hit the last straw when I couldn't find any elastic and decided to clean my sewing table (antique desk with built in bookshelves). I still didn't find the ginormous Ziploc back full of assorted sizes of elastic that I was "sure it was around here somewhere." Sewing table cleaned and organized but still no elastic. So I decided to rummage through my craft totes. I decide to bring them all in from the garage, because it was a 190 degrees in there and so I could look through them without the fear of getting bit by a creepy crawly. Next thing I know, my hubby piled up MY storage area with his beloved car parts. Sigh..Now I am stuck with a mountain of totes in my dining room. So I decided to organize the bins themselves. See the thing with me is that I am lazy when it comes to some things, like looking for stuff, so I just buy a new one. This is how end up with so much s***. Then when that s*** becomes overwhelming, I put the s*** into a tote and put it in the garage. This is a vicious cycle of a lazy person's idea of cleaning. 

 I didn't realize how long the actual job would take. Between homeschooling, cooking and helping the kids make Mother's day gifts for their grandma's, I had a pile of mess in the corner of my house for days. Today I decided was the day, I took all four totes, dumped them out and started going through everything. I ended up labeling the totes, the first one I did was "Yarn Crafts" this is where I put all of my yarn, knitting needles and crochet hooks. I'm not really into these types of crafts, but now if I get a wild hair up my ass and decide that I want to knit something, at least I will be able to find matching needles. Then I realized I had a lot of clothing mixed in fabrics, I took out all of the stuff that just needed a repair (broken zipper, missing button, etc..) and put the rest of the clothing items (mostly jeans) in a tote labeled "re purpose/refashion." I folded up all of my large pieces of fabric and put them all in another tote. Then what I have left is scrap fabric. I keep almost all of my scraps because even the small pieces come in handy for making Barbie clothes. 

 I feel a little more accomplished, even though I still can't see my dining room table. I'm hoping to finish tomorrow, we may even be able to eat dinner at the table!  Oh, and I found my elastic (although I don't recall why I needed it in the first place).