Monday, May 13, 2013

Booze Reviewz: Makin' Hooch At Home

Actually I have been busy making wine...  I like to believe that I am way more sophisticated than "Pruno." If you have ever watched "Oz" or know someone who has done some time or watch jail shows on the Discovery channel, then you know that "Pruno" is prison wine.   if you have never heard of it, there you go, you learned something new today. If you actually want to try making this atrocity at home check out the recipe guide here.
Anyhoo, I got into making wine at home when my hubby bought my a kit for Christmas last year.  I bought a Vino Italiano 4 week wine kit from Amazon (which by the way took more like 6 weeks due to temperature fluctuations).

Well it was finally time to bottle, so we spent a good amount of time sterilizing bottles, filling bottles and corking bottles.  This wine, called Rosso Magnifico will definitely need some time to age, right now as is, it made our lips go numb, brought tears to our eyes, and burned going all the way down.  If you want to get drunk, then by all means, drink it now, it's booze, the kit works.  Honestly, it could probably strip paint off the walls, but it's your liver.  In a year when this stuff mellows, it should taste great.  I would try this brand of kit again, I think it is well worth it for the price.
 The kit came with juice, chemicals, corks and labels.  That's a lot of vino!