Monday, May 13, 2013

Booze Reviewz: Ace Fermented Berry Cider

I am not generally a big beer drinker, or hard cider drinker because it is practically impossible to find them gluten free in my area.  When I saw Ace Fermented Berry Cider at the market I nearly squealed out loud with excitement when I noticed it was marked gluten free on the label.  (OK, not nearly, I did squeal, and it was a little loud, so what....)    At first taste I will tell you that it tastes like hard apple cider and has more of a berry aftertaste.  It wasn't too dry or too sweet, very light and refreshing and would be a good go to drink for summer get togethers, parties and BBQ's.  It would also be a great base for a marinade for chicken or pork, which I may do, if I don't drink them all first.

Why yes I was drinking and sewing.