Thursday, May 16, 2013

Booze Reviewz: Franzia Fruity Red Sangria

 Why yes! That is a plastic wine glass! I know, I am so classy...

Wine that comes in a box. What's not to love?  It's sturdy, portable and it's easy to find. Best of all at 8.99 for 5 liters, it's a great deal.  Turn up your nose if you will, but it's worth a try for the price and if you have ever ordered wine by the glass at a restaurant, you might have already had it without even knowing it (Surprise!)
Franzia Fruity Red Sangria comes in a 5 liter bag in a  box with a tap that turns off and on, a spigot.  Due this wonderful technology it will stay fresh for 6 weeks (or allow you to get drunk faster, whichever comes first).  You can leave it in the fridge while you pour (because it is better chilled) while it  pours out of the spout like a majestic red waterfall of goodness. This wine is considered a"table wine" and is a very light, red wine on the sweet side.  It has a fruity taste that is heavy on the orange flavor.  It goes great with grilled meats and of course, spicy Mexican foods, making it the ultimate summer wine. It is recommended that you serve over ice, but I don't like to dilute my s***, because then it gets all watery and tastes like watered down Kool-Aid.
 Because this is a table wine, you don't have to follow the usual stuffy wine snob rules.  It actually goes good with pretty much everything.  The alcohol content is on the lower end for a wine at 9% for this delicious elixir of the gods. I love this stuff so much that I could bathe in it. If you like sweet wine this is the one for you. If you are interested in wine but don't know where to start this is a good one to try as well.