Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Free Lapbooks and Unit Studies at

When the kids and I aren't busy reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books and pretending we live in pioneer times we do a lot of worksheets.  Sometimes worksheets get boring so I often use lapbooks and unit studies to teach the kids. 
For those of you who don't know "unit studies" are when you pick one subject and study that for a period of time.  For example, volcanoes, dinosaurs, California, Argentina, etc... you find one topic that interests your children and work with that.  The unit study will usually cover all school subjects. My kids tend to enjoy this way of learning, and when they no longer do we move on to a new topic. You can work on that topic for a day or for a week or month.
 Lapbooks are similar to unit studies but you kids are essentially making a scrapbook of everything they have learned (older kids can use "notebooking" which is like a lapbook but with a lot more writing).  Lapbooks can usually be completed in a day.
Homeschool Share is a wealth of resources for free lapbooks and unit studies, and is one of my "go to" sites for when I need some ideas, inspiration or need to download an entire lapbook template. And it's FREE!!!