Monday, May 5, 2014

Book Review: The Mother of All Meltdowns: Real Stories of Moms' Finest (Worst, Completely Awful) Moments

I was thrilled when I was contacted by Crystal Ponti to do a review of her book, The Mother of All Meltdowns: Real Stories of Moms' Finest (Worst, Completely Awful) Moments.  Wow! Did this book bring back some memories of my mommy tantrums or what?!  We all have them, but no one likes to talk about them. That moment where sometimes it's the littlest thing that sets off a full blown "mommy meltdown."  This book gave me assurance that I am not alone and that I am not crazy, because other moms have had their moments too and that their kids are just as crazy as mine!

Now, no one really knows what causes these said "meltdowns." It could be the sleep deprivation, the hormones, the lack of proper nutrition, the lack of being able to use the bathroom without a little person screaming and crying and banging their head on the door...I'm no expert, just throwing out some theories... Be forewarned though, this book has a lot of epic s*** stories. Who knew motherhood involved so much s***. Not s*** in the figurative since either, I'm talking about poop, doo doo, ca-ca, boo boo and dookie a lot of it.  It reminds me of my own kids and their poop stories (I could write volumes).

The best part of this book is that it is written by 30 different moms, with 30 different stories of epic mommy madness.  The stories are written in short chapters, so even the most frazzled mommy can find five minutes to read a chapter a day. A couple of stories will make you cry but most of them will make you laugh out loud, nod along and say, "yep, been there, done that." It reminds you that you are strong, you survived it and that you are now older and (possibly) wiser. AND THANK THE GODDESS THAT YOU KIDS ARE OLDER AND POTTY TRAINED!

I highly recommend this book to all new moms, and all old moms.  As a matter of fact when a woman gives birth hand this book out and say, "Congrats on the new baby! Read this book, you'll need it and for future reference, you aren't crazy."