Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Baking With Duck and Goose Eggs

I was recently introduced to duck and goose eggs by another homeschooling mom in our park day group.  She lovingly hoards  raises ducks and geese as pets, and in return was gifted by her loving birds with tons of eggs.  When she offered some to the ladies in our group I jumped at the chance to try them.  However, when I got them home I will admit that I had no idea what to do with them.  First off these things were massive, especially the goose eggs.  The duck eggs, (sorry no pictures) were longer and more oval shaped than the chicken eggs, and some were almost twice the size. Would they taste weird? Would I like them?

A goose egg compared to a large chicken egg.  The goose egg cracked.

 I weighed them, the goose eggs was 3.8 ounces, the chicken egg was 1.2 ounces.  So I figured I had about 3 large eggs to the one goose eggs.  The shells are harder on both duck and goose egg and harder to crack than a chicken egg. After cracking one, I noticed that the shell was much thicker than a chicken egg, and yolks on both duck and goose eggs are huge!  I did some research on the good ole interwebs and decided that baking with these eggs was probably the best way to try them.  So I decided to bake cupcakes as not to waste that gorgeous egg.
Fresh & Easy Gluten free chocolate cake mix,finished cupcakes with goose egg, finished hamburger buns with duck egg.
If you are lucky enough to have a Fresh & Easy store near you, stock up on this mix, it is the best GF cake mix that I have ever had. Following the box instructions it comes out moist, rich, and dense. It isn't gritty like a lot of gluten free cake mixes are and tastes like real cake!  Now the instructions on the box call for 2 eggs, I used the entire goose eggs instead, and added the other ingredients as called for.  My cupcakes too a few minutes longer to bake but came out light, moist and fluffy.  Three words normally not used to describe ANYTHING gluten free.  I topped them with my homemade butter and cream cheese frosting. Excited I decided to make homemade hamburger buns too, they came out lighter than usual, but also browned really nicely!

Teenie's taste test.  I think she likes it!

As for the tasted test, no one could tell the difference that I used duck and goose eggs instead of chicken ones.  Of course I didn't say anything until everything was devoured.  Sonshine for all of the squid, fish eyes and baby octopus he eat, refuses to "eat anything thing that comes from a duck or gooses' butt."  He loved the cupcakes.  

 I'm pretty sure duck and goose eggs make me a better baker.