Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Why Doesn't Christmas Feel Like Christmas Any More?

I was just looking around realizing that today is Christmas Eve and I haven't really done anything, well....Christmas-y.  Hell it doesn't even FEEL like Christmas. Sure my shopping has been done, the gifts are wrapped, the tree is up.

 I went to the grocery store this morning and everyone was doing their last minute shopping. I peek into carts as they are wheeled past me and they are filled with ramen, chips and booze. I can understand the booze, being it's the holidays and family visiting and blah, blah, blah.  The store is decorated and playing Christmas music at full blast.  I turn the corner and there it is BAM! right in my face, Valentine's Day candy.  Really are you freakin' kidding me?! I can't even get all my s*** together on time for Christmas when yet another dreaded holiday is being forced down our throats by the big box, mass marketers, looking for another opportunity to earn a buck!
I don't know about you but where I live Christmas stuff started showing up in stores at the beginning of August.  I started getting pissed off then, because I see it and think, "what's the rush?  I have time."  Then time goes by.  The problem with it is that I have been seeing the decorations in the stores so much that I have become to immune to Christmas.  I am tired of seeing it  and tired of hearing about it and now I hate it. Christmas has lost it's meaning and we have retailers to thank for that.
As you would have probably guessed by now by all of the "sentence enhancers" (cuss words) I use, I am not religious.  As a matter of fact Santa will probably leave me a big hunk of coal in my stocking. (Which at this moment in time is fine with me because I'd rather have something that is actually useful than a bunch of crap that I will never use or candy that will just make me fatter.)

 It could also be possible that my lack of enthusiasm for the holiday is due to the weather, which in my neck of the woods has been totally un-winter like.  My thermometer says it's just a little under 80 degrees, I don't think that's right but you know its warm outside when you still have strawberries growing...in December and you don't live in Florida.
or when you have roses blooming.....
or when it looks the exactly the same outside as it did in the middle of spring.
I took this picture today

Hopefully a day spent with my family and lots of good food will cure this Scrooge.
Bah-Humbug every one!