Monday, April 8, 2013

Product Review: Time4Learning

If you are looking for an online learning option for homeschooling, after school or for summer break, Time4Learning is a great choice.  It is a complete curriculum program, so there are no expensive bundles of books to buy.  It is far cheaper than online schooling from "the big companies," at a low price per month for the first child and each additional child is charged separately.  The program has a parent login where you can check your child's progress to see what they are working on and how they are doing.

My daughter is 8 and used the Lower Grade login which applies to grades K-3, she LOVED it, especially the reading program, which was great because she is a slow reader and there was finally a program that kept her interest. There were lots of interactive games and stories to keep her engaged.

My son is 12 and used the Upper Grade login for 4-8th graders.  He HATED it, too much on screen reading, not enough interactivity or games for him.  He saw my daughter's activities and got a little jealous because she was having so much fun.  I had to force him to used it. He complained of having too much to read on the computer and it hurt his eyes. (I'm not really a fan of reading on computer screens either.)  He did, however,  say the subject matter was engaging. 

This program is great for those who have limited space for curriculum and materials.  It is also wonderful for kids that are audio-visual learners.  The lower grade curriculum is very interactive and fun, while the upper grade is more reading than anything.  If you have kids that love technology this would be perfect for them.  I would highly recommend this program for people who are looking for curriculum for K-3 graders.  It's pretty much self guided so kid can pick and choose their own activities, and both kids liked having control over what they were learning.