Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I want to live like Laura!!!

The kids and I had been working on "Little House in the Big Woods," one chapter at a time, for about a month.  I loved the book and so did the kids, I really loved the book though and seriously believe that I might have been born in the wrong time period.
Anywho enough about me and my desire to live in the past....I would sit and read the book out loud and then we would talk about it.  But in our house talking about things often leads to doing! Worksheets get boring when you do them all day long, so why not practice living the pioneer life. Sonshine learned to chop wood, with a real ax (and still has all of his limbs)!  Teenie made a quilt (although we did cheat and use a sewing machine...oh well close enough!)  After finishing the book, the kids didn't want the fun to end, so we started reading "Little House on the Prairie,"and made little wagons

Here is a list of links to activities and inspiration that we have or will be using for our unit study.
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Unit Study
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