Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Product Review and Giveaway: Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening At Home

As an avid wine drinker, (especially reds) I noticed that my teeth have been getting discolored (okay, it looked like I eat yellow crayons for a living.)  I have tried various at home whitening treatments and toothpastes, some worked, some didn't, some where expensive and some were cheap...but nothing ever gave me a noticeable difference.
When I was contacted by Smile Brilliant to do a product review I was excited, I love trying new things and when people want me to try them for free I'm all over it!  The package arrived in the mail a few days later.  I was impressed at the speed but wary when I opened the package.  It was a small black package, I opened it and removed the contents.  Inside was a set very short instructions, a teeth whitening pen, a mouth guard and some silver thing I couldn't immediately identify.  After seeing kit and reading the instructions, I will admit that I was kind of afraid to use this strange contraption.  I set aside the kit for a few weeks.  I put it off, and put it off...  Then I finally went online and did some research.
I went to the Smile Brilliant website and checked it out.  They actually have two different base kits, one allows for custom trays and starts at under $110 dollars, which is really cheap compared to going to the dentist.  The LED kit that I received is a more affordable choice at just under $40 and comes ready to use straight out the box. I finally felt comfortable enough to use the kit, after reading their entire FAQ's page and some of their rave reviews.
So I broke out the kit again, turns out it's not as difficult to use as I thought it would be. All you do is paint your teeth with the whitening pen (which is ultra convenient and easy to use), put in the mouth guard (which was super comfy) and put in the light and turn it on.  Sounded easy and it was, the only issue I had was trying to keep the light in my mouth while moving around, so i decided to sit still and wait for ultra white teeth.

 I left the light in my mouth for the 30 minutes, then left the gel and protective tray in for another 30 minutes.
First day before and after

So looking at the first set of pictures I could notice that there was a slight difference, and it wasn't that bad for my first use.  I had no sensitivity issues afterwards so that was a relief.  Of course I did notice on their website that the light can be used for up to 40 minutes and that the trays and gel could be left in for up to 3 hours!
So I used the kit several more times.... And here are the results...

There is an obvious gradual whitening.  I will admit that I did not use the kit daily but I used every two days. I didn't want my teeth to get sensitive, which can happen with any whitening treatments.  Please also keep in mind that I drank red wine and black tea during the same time period that I was using this product.

Final results, before and after IT WORKS!
In my humble opinion, this product works, the only cons I can think of is that having the light in my mouth and holding it with my lips, in combination with the mouth guard made me drool like crazy. Maybe it's just me though.

NOTE:  I have not received any compensation for this review, I was given this kit by Smile Brilliant to review and give my honest opinion.

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