Thursday, March 27, 2014

Product Reviews: So I'm Trying To Get Organized - Lapbooks

You would think that with all of the lapbooks my kids make, that I would have came up with some clever way to store them by now.  Honestly they were all over the place.  First we had them in a cardboard box but that tore and I ended up cramming them in our already overflowing bookshelves.  Then I bought magazine holders that the kids could keep on their tables.  That didn't work out well because they would get bent from taking them in and out again. Determined to get organized I found a portable file tote. Which worked great until the kids started fighting over it because the lapbooks were touching each others lapbooks.  So I went to Staples and found these really cool portable file boxes by Iris.  They are pretty durable and have a hinged top closure so I don't have to worry about misplacing lid. They can be easily stacked and have handles so the kids can tote them back and forth from their rooms. They currently keep them under their work tables because they are constantly in and out of them.  In bought them in store for about 9.00 each.  So for 18 bucks the kids stop fighting and I get to keep my sanity and precious bookshelf space!