Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Today's Lesson: Phillis Wheatley

“Through thickest gloom look back, immortal shade, On that confusion which thy death has made.” -Phillis Wheatley

Poet and Patriot, Phillis Wheatley was America's first published African American author, here is a Coloring page for her.  Read more about Phillis in her Biography. There is also a Interactive Reading Comprehension  with questions to answer.  For older kids I found this "From Africa to America" lesson plan.This wonderful Phillis Wheatley unit study is one of the most extensive I have found online.  I also found this quick assignment for those of you short on time, Edit this short passage.  Watch Liberty's Kids "The Intolerable Act" episode 2, featuring Phillis Wheatley. 

Have Fun Learning!