Monday, April 1, 2013

Tolkien Crafts @ Geek Crafts!!!

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The boy-child aka "Sonshine" is currently obsessing over everything Tolkien and watches the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy of movies every night.   I am definitely trying some of the crafts featured on this site ASAP!  I am constantly making stuff for Teenie, I even named my blog after her! I rarely make things for the boy, because he thinks homemade stuff is "lame" and would rather have "store bought" stuff.  Which is funny, because my mom crochets non-stop and makes him stuff all the time and he LOVES it.  I guess he's just too embarrassed to say, "my mom made this for me."  Arrgghh...pre-teens...

When he sees some of the stuff on this site he is going to poop his pants.