Sunday, October 7, 2012

YAY! Fall is Here!...And you know what that means...Halloween!!

I love the Fall.  When you live in the desert, there's nothing better after a LONG, HOT summer!  But my favorite part of Fall is Halloween! I love to decorate and make costumes for Teenie!  Sonshine prefers store bought costumes and refuses to wear anything "home made" no matter how awesome I am at making it.  Teenie wanted a store bought costume last year.  Needless to say I was devastated.  It was a cute costume but promptly fell apart after we took it out of the package, it ended up in the trash after my hubby got tired of finding sequins all over the house.  So this year Teenie agreed that my costumes were better and that she would let me make hers.  Inspired by a fasinator style witch hat, she decided promptly in the middle of Target that she would not leave the store without that hat and that she wanted to be a witch. First I thought, "how boring" then I thought, I can't believe my this hat costs $10! My hubby bought it for her any way and a broom to match as I walked down the Halloween aisle trying to convince her to be something else.  Like a princess.  I love making princess dresses and I thought she would make an adorable Snow White, Cinderella or Rapunzel.  But she insisted on a boring, old witch.  Then it hit me.  Fasinator style hat, plain, but it could be jazzed up a little with some lace, and some feathers and black roses...or rhinestones..yeah, rhinestones.  I could make this look cute.  Then I thought, then the hat would look steampunk....STEAMPUNK WITCH!!! That would be AWESOME SAUCE!! So, I quickly sketched out a design and showed it to Teenie, who quickly refused it and drew her own sketch of a traditional witch costume.  I'm not a very good artist so I made deal with her.  If she didn't like the dress I made, then I would make the one she designed.  She agreed!  I'm happy now and I think she will love the costume when I am done.  Pictures and updates coming soon!